for Consumers


This is a simple flashlight. You can use this in the dark, and you can easily set color and brightness on screen. It supports some camera flashlight too. Click here for details.

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Pinpoint Weather Japan

Japan Weather Forecasts. You can check the weather forecast of a detailed region in Japan. You can get detailed discription of the weather in Japan every 3 hours, day by day and week. You can change the items showing, their icon size and other options. You can use this on your blog or web pages and Netvibes. Please see more details.


This is an effective tool for lazy people who want to make something second nature, and to get to your goal. You can use this on Android and iGoogle. Click here for details.

for Developers

Retractive Scroll Views

This is a library for Android. This is a retractable HorizontalScrollView. You can also sync the scrolling in HorizontalScrollViews. It supports Android 1.6 (API Level4) or later. Click here for details. Sample movies are here.

Detecting Memory Leaks

Finding memory leaks on Linux with C++. This is good way if you can not use MemProf, mtrace, ccmalloc, mpatrol and dmalloc. Sample code located here. Please let me know if you want to get an English version.